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Condo Owner & Board Member – Los Angeles

Scott was retained to evaluate a construction defect claim for a large condominium in which I live. There were complex issues involving construction, engineering, architecture, and materials. Scott was knowledgeable and thorough. He efficiently forged a favorable settlement without the necessity of filing a lawsuit, which would have been costly and would have taken years to conclude. As a satisfied client and a practicing lawyer海南福彩app下载 for 46 years, I am confident Scott will serve you well.

Scott Levine is not only an aggressive litigator, he brings creativity to his cases that is sheer genius. The techniques that Scott is currently developing for construction defect work will become the standard for plaintiffs in the years to come. It is very rare to work with someone who is forging so many new paths in the litigation jungle. I cannot give Scott Levine a higher recommendation.

Mr. Levine is an extremely competent attorney. He proceeds cautiously and methodically to analyze all issues while giving the client the best and most reliable advice. His knowledge and skills in employment law has been a tremendous asset to our organization. His personal attention to detail gives us confidence in our legal counsel. We are fortunate to have him as our corporate counsel.

I endorse this lawyer海南福彩app下载’s work. Scott is one of the brightest and most skillful lawyer海南福彩app下载s I know. He has an amazing analytical mind that can quickly and skillfully grasp issues and frame the transaction or dispute in the best manner possible. His knowledge and plan of attack when it comes to construction defect litigation is so impressive and effective that opposing counsel are ready to offer a generous settlement before the case even begins. He is the 海南福彩app下载 Owner Association “Best Friend” and the stop gap between ruin and justifiable compensation.

Scott works very hard to get positive results and will leave no stone unturned in zealously representing your interests.

San Diego Construction Litigation lawyer海南福彩app下载 Scott Levine is absolutely the best in the country海南福彩app下载 when dealing with Products Liability and Construction Defects litigation. I like to refer to him affectionately as Doctor Window due to his success in securing large settlements for his clients with defective windows. I give Scott my highest recommendation.

Scott’s creative approach to litigating construction defect cases helps him obtain great results for his clients.

Scott David Levine is the most innovative, knowledgeable, and skilled San Diego construction litigation attorney I know of in California. I am so impressed with his skills that he is our firm’s first choice for referring or co-counseling construction defect cases. Some of his litigation tactics are shear genius. Scott’s track record of success speaks for itself and he is a pleasure to work with. If you are in need of a construction litigation attorney this is your guy.

Scott is an outstanding attorney, he is really an expert in his field. If I had a construction defect case or anther type of litigation case, Scott would be one of the first attorneys I’d call.

Scott Levine is a force to be reckoned with in San Diego County. He is a compassionate, energetic lawyer海南福彩app下载 and a community leader. Scott is well respected by all of his peers, and is always generous with his time and sage advice. He has a track record that speaks for itself. I enthusiastically endorse Scott Levine.

I have litigated approximately 10 construction defect cases where Mr. Levine represented the plaintiffs/海南福彩app下载owners. He is an experienced and skillful litigator. He aggressively, sometimes very aggressively, represents the interests of his clients. If I were filing a construction defect claim, I would hire Mr. Levine to represent me and my family.

Mr. Levine displayed excellent skills and knowledge during a recent difficult case where he was an adversary. He was prepared and exercised good strategies. Mr. Levine did a good job for his client and is a credit to our profession.